Friday, July 4, 2008

Dreams, Summer Movies, and the new Ferris Beuller

So, since I can't sleep because I took a long nap in the evening, I figured I'd post about the movies I have seen so far this summer, and about a movie I just watched called Charlie Bartlett. But first, I just want to say how weird my dreams are.
That nap I had earlier was just crazy. In dream world, an ex of mine left me with our dream-world baby and ran off into the desert in a corvette. Yeah, so where does my head get these bizarre ideas anyway? Ever have those feelings in dreams that feel so real, they cling to you for sometime after you have woken up, even lasting through the whole day? Well after waking up, for at least an hour or two I had to shake the feeling of having my imaginary child taken from me and breaking up. I'm a firm believer in dreams have no meaning and its just random bits of information flying through the blender to let off steam from the day. I think this recent dream is a perfect example of random crap.
Now, to the summer movies. First off, for those who don't know, I'm not big on seeing movies in the theater. To begin with, I'm generally frugal in some aspects of my life, such as seeing movies in the theater, and haircuts. I'll wait several months before getting a haircut because I hate wasting the money, and wasting my time. I finally break down to get a haircut at one of two options: either I'm trying to impress someone, or my hair has gotten to a point that I don't care to deal with it again and must get a haircut. A couple days ago, it was the latter option. I've also been tempted to grow out my hair again, I liked it long, others didn't. But all this is for another blog...
So back to the movies and why I don't go. The second reason I don't see movies in the theater is because a few years ago I was in a car accident and it really threw my hip out of alignment for some time. Things like sitting for two hours or more are not on my feel-good list of things to do. But over the last year, my hip has felt much better, goes out of whack less often, and I'm able to enjoy a movie with more comfort.
Onto the movies!
So far, I have seen Indiana Jones, Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, and Hancock. It was like my summer for movies for once. I'm a comic fan since childhood, as well as a big Indiana Jones fan. All the movies were a lot of fun, well worth money spent. If I were to rank them in order, favorite to least favorite, it would be:
Incredible Hulk
Iron Man
Indiana Jones
Not that Indiana Jones was bad, it was a fun movie. It just felt like a stretch from the previous Indiana Jones movies. Aliens was a weird and unexpected direction. I'm a fan for scifi, but little green men with big heads is uncool, one of the main reasons I vomit when I hear the X-Files theme song. By the way, I won't be seeing that, no matter how much I think Billy Connelly is awesome.
As for Hancock in the #3 spot, its only because Hulk and Iron Man have a spot in my cold cold heart. I also think Robert Downey Jr played an amazingly perfect Tony Stark/Iron Man, probably the best match-up for a celebrity yet. Edward Norton was also really great as Bruce Banner. Just to let you know, I think Liv Tyler is probably one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. I'm a sucker for dark haired girls.
Fortunately, the summer is yet to be over, I have plans to see Hellboy 2 and Batman Dark Knight. I also saw a preview for a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, I might just need to see that come Christmas.
Happy 4th everyone, be safe. I see too many idiots fucked up at work, unless you work at a hospital like me, you don't belong there. I like job security and all, but I prefer healthy friends.
Okay, now onto Charlie Bartlett. I think this movie came out last year, but it somehow snuck past everyone. I remember the preview, thinking it looked good, then promptly quit hearing about it and forgot until I saw the title by chance on Netflix. How did this get by unnoticed? In a way, it reminded me of Ferris Beuller. Ferris Beuller is one movie I could watch over and over. I used to believe that was what highschool life would be all about. Sadly to report, I had no friends my senior year with parents who owned a 1961 Ferrari 250 that we could borrow for a day of baseball, fine dining, and parades. Anyway, everyone who likes highschool movies should check out Charlie Bartlett, it kind of feels timeless, unlike many highschool movies that feel dated or childish because I am distanced from today's highschoolers. I will never understand the faux-hawk. Either man up and get a real mohawk, or get a normal haircut, that's what we did in my day. The fuax-hawk is only for when you are bored in the shower, just like Ferris Bueller. Whoever had the stupidity to walk out of the house with the first fauxhawk should be shot, and the lemmings who followed suit should be castrated.
Okay, nuff said. Let's see if I can actually fall asleep. I'm sure you did after reading my ramblings of a crazy man.

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