Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post Con info, and Mario Painting for Sale!

First, I just want to say that the Super Mario painting is now for sale on Etsy: [link] I'm also accepting pixel painting commissions, just e-mail me for details:

Now onto the con info. I just want to say I had a whole lot of fun. I made way more this year at Spokane ComiCon than last year, mainly because the con has grown so much. It keeps getting better and better thanks to Nate OBrien!
I shared two tables with Peter Foglesong and Matt Nelson, two amazing artists! Big shout out! As usual, we were a great teamup. I was so busy doing sketches and making sales that I couldn't leave the booth very often to mingle. So anyone out there from the con whom I didn't get to chat with, drop me a line! I'd love to make some new con buddies. I had so many sketches going on that I had a waiting list of sketches, and if it became too much then I'd forward them to Peter or Matt, and vice-versa.

Here are some photos to share, some taken by me, my girlfriend, and the rest I stole from Nate's wife's facebook lol. She took great photos, I just had to share a few!

Matt at the table, in charge of the adult scissors

Me, looking thrilled as always :P

Matt is a master of the unusual facial expressions

Me, drawing away

Matt and I, we likes the draws...

I like how all of us are drawing, and at a tilt. If you notice, I'm tilting opposite, due to my sinister talents at drawing with the left hand.

Setting up the main lobby

Standing in line

More line action

A Nine creature and Poison Ivy

Wolverine, I didn't know your muscles were inflatable!

No-Face was by far my favorite costume! Way to go Rebecca! The mouth was usually closed, and it appeared as though it didn't have a mouth at all. She would offer "gold bars" (chocolate) like in the movie Spirited Away, and when you reached for the candy she would draw the mouth open. It was great!

In a galaxy not too far away...

Lars Brown, creator of North World, peddling his wares

Our tables! 16' of art awesomeness!

Annie Absalonson and Zephan Osiris, making awesome art!

Friends and foes of the force!

Darth and son

Trooper in training

You don't see this very often!

Baby Storm! So cute!

Umm.. Iron Ma'am, you have your head on upside down!

The crew that put the con together, great job guys!