Friday, March 19, 2010

Return from Emerald City ComiCon 2010

Finally catching up on the sleep I've missed during the con, but had to jump right back into my Logic class. Final is Monday, it was a little intense to miss a day of school for me, I'm pretty good at showing up every day.

Let's start off with the commissions I sold at Emerald City ComiCon 2010.
Michelangelo Sketch Card
Bumblebee Sketch Card
Raven Sketch Card
Starfire Sketch Card
Gaara Sketch Card
Tara Sketch Card
Robin Sketch Card
Robin Print
Flash Commission
Blue Beetle Sketch Card
Molly(from Runaways) vs Spock Commission
Rogue Sketch Card
Invisible Girl Commission
Robin Sketch Card
Starfire Sketch Card
Cyborg Sketch Card
Larry Commission

Not bad. Typing all that out kind of shocks me how many strangers have received a sketch card from me! :D It's a pretty cool notion that so many people enjoyed my work. I actually had a few people who thought I worked on Teen Titans. When I explained that I'm merely a fan, they said I should work for Cartoon Network because my work is so on-model :D That made my day.

Okay, so to counter all the money I made, here's a list of all the stuff I bought:

Francavilla Commission of Zorro (My Holy Grail of ECCC)
Sketch card from Pia Guerra
Sketch card from Mike Norton
Sketch card from Corey Lewis
Sketch card from Scott Kurtz

Tomb of Dracula issue 50 (fighting Silver Surfer)
Thor issue 152
Magnus Robot Fighter #42
Magnus Robot Fighter #14
Werewolf by Night Issue 15 (fighting Dracula)
Thor issue 221 (vs Hercules)
PVP #3
PVP #4
PVP #5

I also bought a bunch of Zorro and Blue Beetle comics for .20 each! Then I had Mike Norton and Francesco Francavilla sign them. Sunday is such a great sales day, the vendors are pushing to sell everything so they don't have to haul as much back home. I actually didn't know Norton was there, or else I would have brought issues from home. But I was able to find three copies of my favorite issue (#26, Spanish language edition), so it worked out. Also, Scott Kurtz gave me his three PVP books because he didn't want to ship it home. When I approached him to draw a character on a sketch card, he was really intrigued by the idea. He hadn't seen them before, so I gave him a pack of Canson sketch cards. He was thrilled, it was the least I could do for getting a free sketch and three free books.

At the con, I just met so many people. It was so great to people that I'm a fan of and tell them how much I appreciate their work. So many people enjoyed my work, and made some new friends. It was great all around. If I ran into you at the con, let me know, I'd love to chat it up!

Oh last note, I was interviewed by Seattle-Geekly! The interview is on Episode 54, check it out. Also add them to your iTunes, they are a really from podcast! I'm an instant fan now!

Now let's see the photos!