Monday, December 31, 2012

Critiques and art updates

The further you delve into art, the thicker skin you need to build or else you're going to smash into a wall and never excel. You have to be able to weigh a critique as well, whether it was an honest critique, or a personal jab, or just an uneducated opinion. The most important thing though, is to keep cool in all three situations. Who wants to hire an illustrator, or artist in general, who blows their top? You look like an ass, and you're not impressing anyone.

Recently, on Instagram, someone posted a tattoo design based on traditional Americana tattoo designs of two hands shaking. One person said that it looked off, but they couldn't finger it. I replied "The woman's palm looks extra long, and the fingers look short." I didn't attack the artist, I didn't say it wasn't done with quality craftsmanship. Hell, the illustration problem could have been solved simply by extending the lines that break up the fingers just a half inch. Sadly though, several people blew up, one in particular dropped to below the belt inconsequential bullying techniques. But you know what, it didn't phase me. I'm an adult, not a child susceptible to online offhanded remarks. It was ridiculous, and I replied by asking everyone to chill and the world isn't ending. No need to cursing or other vulgarities. Again, a second onslaught of remarks. I just dropped the discussion.

Sadly, this soured me to that particular tattoo shop's professionalism. I won't name names, but let's just say it is fairly famous through television. I held them in high regards, but I should have really known from just watching their show how unprofessional and just plain street thug they are. Formal art training will sculpt you into a proper giver and receiver of fair critiques, or you'll be weeded out. Simple as that.

All I can say is keep a cool head, and analyze what is being said to you. Flying off the handle never helped anyone. That's all I'm going to say about that. How about I talk about some personal projects going on at the moment.

First up, I've decided to hop back into acrylic painting again. Man has it been a while! Almost a year I think! I've decided to do some 11"x14" acrylic portraits of cartoon/video game characters, starting off with Mario. But the first snag came with his color scheme. Check out the image below from Super Mario Bros 2, Super Mario Bros 3, and Mario Bros (1983). What is Mario's official ensemble? Red overalls and blue pants, or blue overalls and red pants? Also, just to throw things off worse, check out Mario's hat on the Mario Bros arcade side art.

Well, I'm going with the SMB3 color scheme, but going with a vintage cartoon art style. Recently I've been watching the early Disney cartoons again, as well as Felix the Cat, and reading the Fantagraphics books of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey Mouse comic strips, and Carl Bark's Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge. Really impressive work!

Below, you can watch my progress from initial sketch to about 65% complete. I was hoping to finish by January 1st, 2013, but that won't be happening. Maybe by the end of the week instead.

And below Mario, I have a couple sketches. First is of Megaman, again in that vintage look. I might paint a portrait of good old Megaman next. Lastly, for the heck of it, I drew Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. I really haven't seen much of him from either cartoon or video game (ala Epic Mickey). Not sure if his muzzle protrudes like Mickey's or more flat like the Warner Bros(and sister) in Animaniacs.

Well, that wraps things up. Later in the week I think I'll be writing a year in review, as well as some goals I'd like to publicly announce. Best regards, and to my fellow artists, a productive year for 2013!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Cthulhu Christmas Carol

Just finished this new mini comic:

A Cthulhu Christmas Carol minicomic is complete! You can read it here for free, and if you’d like to own your own copy, it’s only $2.00(shipping included). Email me at jesse.acosta(At) and ill send you a Paypal invoice for this minicomic!
Hope you all enjoy my Christmas tale, have a wonderful holiday! All the best in the year 2013!