Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mini Comic Coming Soon! Also, comics ive bought in the last weeks

Sorry for the lapse in keeping updates. I've been busy with work, school, and life. It is the usually dance I deal with, and it has been hectic. But between all that, I am finishing up on a mini comic that will be ready for Emerald City Comic Con. I'll be there, if you are attending, find me and my Comic Smiths' Guild friends in the Artist Alley!

So, the comic I have underway is called Torero Intergalático, it is all about Bull Fighting in SPACE! Yes, that is correct. It is wild, fun, and everything everybody in the comic world has been longing for. Okay, I kid, but it will be fun to share with enthusiasts at ECCC.

Besides that, I've been doing a lot of comic reading. Right now I am really enjoying Day Tripper, published by Vertigo, created by Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. It is really amazing, and I am really inspired by these two amazing Brazilian artists/comic creators! The story is really great so far. I'll make my stab at what is happening in the comic. I think the end scene in every issue is what could have potentially happened to the main character of the story, and it is trying to convey that life happens everyday and one must make the best of it because you don't know what the future holds. Really great stuff. I heard some people say the writing is off, as though it is their English Second Language coming through in the writing. I didn't notice anything myself, but I know many people who speak English as a second language, so I might be used to it. Also, I read a lot of translations, so that might be another factor. Final statement: Buy this comic, it is currently on issue 3 of 10. Check it out!

Besides that, I also received my tax refund. Most went to bills, and for upcoming trip to Seattle for ECC and prints/comics to sell at the table. But I had some extra to splurge on comics, so here is what I bought:

Umbrella Academy #2: Dallas
Atomic Robo #2
Dynamo 5 #1: Post Nuclear Family
Dynamo 5 #2: Moments of Truth
Black Coat: Call To Arms
White Picket Fences
Gunwitch Outskirts of Doom
Jason and the Argobots #1 Birthquake

I'm pretty stoked! All these I have been longing to read, and now I will have them. I ordered from I try buying all my trades and ogns from them because they offer a great discounted rate, as well as free shipping on $50 or more purchases. I save a heck of a lot of money. I still hit up my local comic shop for all my single issues though.

Speaking of local comic shop, let me see if I can name everything on my pull list:
Kill Audio
Orc Stain

I think that is it, kind of wimpy, I know! But I'm not a huge fan of the big two right now. I actually just picked up a few issues of Amazing Spider-man, I'll try dipping back into that. Spidey has been an alltime favorite, I'm hoping I like the direction he is going. I might have to try the Marvel Adventure line of stuff too, it sounds fun and light.

Well, that's about it for now. I'll be updating my site soon, with new art and my Torero Intergalático comic. Chau!