Friday, July 25, 2008

Más sobre mi hermano y pintura de hoy

First off, my brother had his heart shocked to try to reset it to a sinus rhythm. It worked but only for a while, and he's back in a fib. He's on some medication and was sent home, but they are going to be talking with the doctor to see what to do next. Hopefully all will go well for him, he's really healthy, so I don't know why he's having this happen to him.

Secondly, I stayed up most the night, after I left the hospital, working on this:

I did this in one friggin night. My friend Jessie asked if I could have the painting of this done for her so she could give it to her husband today. So I worked my ass off through the night to paint that, and then I get a call while heading over that she was out to eat with the family, and to bring it over maybe tomorrow... Yeah, a little irritated after burning the candle at both ends.. Oh well, life moves on. Now that it's sitting around, I might add the detail to the shell that I wanted originally.

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