Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Breaking Bad Habits in art

First off, my daily sketch. I did this in the early afternoon. Jean Grey, going for the original X-men costume. Decided to toss her hand out front, because I never play with cool foreshortening/perspective jazz like that. I'd say that was the only thing good about this quicky, I really need to work on longer, bigger, daily sketches... working on it.

As for me, I ended up getting really sick at work yesterday. I started sweating, I felt like my head was in a fog, headache, congestion, and a nasty runny nose. As soon as I was done with my first break, I had to ask to leave, it was getting gross. I was constantly blowing my nose or sniffling, yuck. I went home, took a shower, took some medicine and slept for about five hours. Later that night I was up for maybe four more hours, feeling still sick, I went back to bed.
This morning, I was still feeling pretty bad, called work to tell them I'm still not feeling well enough, and slept until noon.
I hate sleeping, I feel like I'm wasting time that I could be using on art, or doing something important. I also hate to call into work. I feel like I'm letting down my co-workers when I'm sick. Well, I only get sick a few times a year, and I'm getting over this one. A few hours ago, I started feeling less sniffly, less congested, but my head still feels like its in a fog. Hopefully it will be all better by tomorrow. Tomorrow I am supposed to be off work, but if I'm feeling better, I'll call to see if they need me.

As for my art, I feel like I am hitting a wall at times. I have a bunch of bad drawing habits from my youth that just need to be broken. I'm reading Burne Hogarth's Dynamic Figure Drawing, Andrew Loomis' Figure Drawing For All Its Worth, and watching a Glenn Vilppu dvd, hoping to find some techniques to break my bad habits. This is really frustrating me right now, if anyone has any good art books to check out, please let me know! I sometimes feel like I am drawing with the wrong mindset, and there is an easier way, but I'm just forcing my work. I don't know. I think in part, I need to loosen up, work on bigger paper, try more dynamic poses, and be more comfortable with anatomy. Long winded blog, I'm just trying to vent and mentally sort out some thoughts here.

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