Thursday, July 24, 2008

No Daily Sketches, and my brother

Sorry there hasn't been any frequent daily sketches this week. I have been drawing a little, but my mind has been preoccupied lately. My brother had surgery yesterday to remove bone spurs from his neck. That all went fine, but last night his heart went into Atrial Fibrillation. For those who don't know, basically it means he's having irregular fibrillations between heart beats. Here's an example:

Wow.. I've worked way too long in a hospital... I worked five years in the kitchen, and three months as a transporter, and I know all this info from dealing with patients and staff, that's sad!

Anyway.. Tomorrow, the doctor is going to stop his heart and start it back up again to hopefully reset it back to a normal sinus rhythm. Again with the stupid nurse jargon, I sound geeky. So, that's what is holding me up from doing a lot of work. I have some pages I'm going to be doing as daily sketches for sequential art practice coming up. I'm also doing two paintings, those should be done soon enough and up in the gallery and here. I'm going to take a shower now, I've been at work all day, and spent all my breaks and a lot of time after work in my brother's room at the hospital.

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