Saturday, August 2, 2008

Approved & Daily Sketch

First, the daily sketch. I was going to upload this yesterday but never got around to it, so today I added a bit more details to it at work.

I'm thinking of working this on a larger paper, flesh it out more, and painting it in acrylic. Its very Frazetta themed, so I'll probably start sorting through his works for a color scheme if I decide to take this to completion. One thing I need to do is give her more hips, and figure out a top, because I don't think Valkyrie Battle Maidens were just topless, though that would be a great distraction against male enemies.

Okay, now onto my excitement for the day. I was approved for financial aid, which means I will be attending college again in the Fall! I'll be taking Spanish in the mornings (on top of the private lessons I already do, I really want to be fully bilingual), and I'm on a waiting list to join Astronomy, which will be an online class. That will be ten credits, and I'm excited for both!
Oh, I'm also thinking I'll be starting a couple blog entries a week all in Spanish. I don't get to practice my Spanish as often as I'd like, but I post blogs at least 4 times a week (should be daily since I am doing "daily" sketches), so I could turn this into an exercise in language. Don't worry non Spanish speaking friends, I'll post in English as well. For those that do speak Spanish, please make suggestions, or point out my bad grammar!

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