Friday, August 8, 2008

The seam at the crotch of my pants tore open at work today

Yeah, so my crotch tore open at work today. I had to borrow some OR scrubs and finish the last quarter of the day mismatched. I thought it was pretty funny, but I try to not take things too seriously.

So, I'm trying to get some sketches ready for potential paintings. I want to do the battle maiden, the knight and witch, and Joker. So in light of that, I have been working up the Knight and Witch illustration:

This is what Ive been doing in my tiny sketchbook. I like the positioning of the characters, but I hate the knight's face, and his hand looks like he's grabbing for some boob. I also need to find a cat reference photo, because I also obviously can't draw cats! Sorry, never owned one or paid enough attention.

and this is my idea for a painting. I was thinking it would be awesome to have crazed Joker staring off at us in a straight jacket. Another thing I can't draw is straight jackets. I haven't really seen one, so I need to find another reference for that.

What I need to do now is photocopy my tiny sketches onto bigger paper, and redraw them onto a new sheet and clean and detail them. a wallet sized sketchbook doesn't cut it for details.

I'll hopefully have comic come art up soon, all this drawing has been hopefully prepping me to draw some pages for the comic. I just felt I was rusty before taking on my comic. The (pseudo) daily sketches is helping a lot. Its getting me in rhythm, and more in practice.

Also, the spanish blog will be here soon as well. I'll probably write it up tomorrow. I'll also have a translation below, so those that don't speak the EspaƱol can still follow along, and those that do read the language can correct me!

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