Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Power of Penmanship

So just recently at work, I've been told by several people that I have the best handwriting in the department... Weird for starters that anyone would be that bored to talk about handwriting, I think it's mainly the older people who have nothing interesting to focus their efforts on.
But, I've been told this before, once even from the nuns at Mount St. Michael. My personal thought is that handwriting written for others to read (not notes to self) should be written legibly, no questions asked. Why on earth would you write something so illegible with the knowing fact that someone will have to decipher it? Why not avoid the hassle of having to play interpreter, and just spend a few extra moments? I saw this one guy's writing at work, thirty years old, and his handwriting is so bad it seriously looks worse than most early elementary students. I'd be ashamed, personally.

I think handwriting has also taken a downfall with the age of computers. Handwritten letters are uncommon; generally people don't need to write more than their name to fill out a document. I love seeing my grandparents' handwriting. It’s immaculate; it’s a work of art, its calligraphy. Penmanship is a skill and an art that I think everyone should have a grasp on. If I were to write more than a couple words in cursive, I would seriously have to look at a chart to remember how to write some uncommon letters. I remember the capital z looking like a weird three maybe; it’s been so long since I needed to use cursive. Do they teach cursive anymore in school?

Well, this is just some random thoughts; I've been avoiding blogging out of laziness, so I'm taking random opportunities to just write out some ideas to get back in the habit. Also, I'll be posting some new art soon.

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