Saturday, June 28, 2008

Micheal Turner's passing

Someone just posted on DeviantArt that Michael Turner finally passed away Friday, after a long battle with Cancer. For those who don't know, he was a wonderful comic book artist, when he hit it big time, many young artists tried aping his style..

Someone asked who he was, and what he was about on dA, so I'll just paste my reply:

He was a pretty popular artist, a lot of new artists were really into aping his style. But he also had some peculiar issues with drawing anatomy, a lot of it was just over-analytical comic geeks who forget that comics aren't real and not meant to be taken as works of Michelangelo. Just check out to see:

They go on a tirade about how his female anatomy is a bit goofy, and his lack of drawing feet in comics. I'm pretty annoyed by this 'can't draw feet' business that people use over Turner, Liefeld, and other comic artists.. Honestly, if you look at every comic that came out this week, how many covers are depicting feet? Probably 3%, does that mean 97% of the comic artists out their can't draw? No, its just that feet are limbs that aren't needed to tell a story. If we watch a movie, do we think a cameraman can't shoot because we only see our actors from the top up?
Anyway, I digress. Turner will be missed, he had a wonderful unique style, he left a huge shadow.

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