Monday, November 11, 2013

Gomez Addams attempt 1 and 2

I’ve been pouring over Charles Addams and Dan DeCarlo’s art. Such inspirations to me. I decided to take a crack at my interpretation of the Addams Family. 
The top is my final design, the second is my second attempt, and the bottom is my first attempt.
The final rendition I fixed his cigar, and gave Gomez the John Astin signature devious smile. Really grateful to so much constructive criticism on this piece. 

The second attempt I went straight for a John Astin look, rather than the previous attempt that was a blend of  John Astin and Raúl Juliá’s features with the initial design. I think the previous attempt turned him into a young Cesar Romero.
I still need to flip the cigar. I totally wasn’t even thinking when I drew it lit. I was basing it on an Astin photo with an unlit cigar.

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