Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Silkscreen Postcards of Universal Monsters

Been working like a madman on a series of silkscreen postcards. The initial cards were drawn by hand, but finally got cozy behind my Monoprice digital drawing tablet, so the latest three are completely digital.

Three down, three left for the new series of six. I really want to work this series more than the previous three (Werewolf of London, Bride of Frankenstein, Nosferatu). The last ones were awfully plain. This time I'm pumping up the background with scenes of London, a full moon night, and a creepy dark castle.

What’s next? Frankenstein for sure. The Creature from the Black Lagoon, aka Gillman, Imhotep the Mummy, maybe Phantom of the Opera. From there I may have to do the more obscure or later era monsters like The Amazing Colossal Man, the 50 Foot Woman, and The Metaluna Mutant (This Island Earth). From there I may finally jump the pond and do Hammer Horror.

The final art will be printed six cards on 12x12 chipboard via silkscreen printmaking. Then I'll cut the cards to separate them. Previous runs I've done them individually and damn that's a nauseating pain in the butt. This will be much faster knocking out six cards at a time.

The current run of four are available on my Etsy Shop! Dracula, Wolfman, Invisible Man will be ready when I finish three more and get time to screen print.

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