Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spokane Comicon 2012 Photos

Well Spokane Comicon 2012 came and went again, and it was a blast. I always say this because it's true, Comicons are like family reunions. It was awesome! Here are some photos from this year:

 Batman and Rorschach
My girlfriend, reading King City
Batman and Ramona Flowers
 Batman and Catwoman
Giving Cape Tips
Me and my booth
Me and my table mate Josh. My brother-in law Chuy is playing with the iPad
Lars Brown and Matt Brazee
 Matt Nelson of Catbeard the Pirate

 My friend Aaron showed up!

The Crowds

 Zephan and Stevie!
 Me and my girlfriend!
 From Lars to Me!
Josh and I doing what we do!

 Snake Eyes snuck up on me at one point, a little startling

Mario and Luigi

Is that Creature from the Black Lagoon on the bottom?


 Rabbid Force, a webcomic

 Dead Supergirl... Unsettling.

 This girl has some cool art, kept meaning to say hi but didn't get a chance.

 Heroines of Spokane Comicon

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