Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some sketching

So, this weekend was pretty fun, though I had to work. I stopped by a local comic shop, met up with some friends and fellow artists, and shared my mini comic. Then I got home, and packed a lot of giveaways of my comic. I was glad to end up with eight people interested in the book! Can't wait to mail them out tomorrow morning. It's been nice to have the Clashing Swords mini comic (see previous blog entry) put to bed. I'm probably going to wait a week before starting any new projects.

The first person who chimed in for a book also got a free sketch. He says Master Chief is his favorite character, so this is what he got! I hope he's pleased.

 Master Tenzin from Avatar: Legend of Korra. I actually tossed this one up in my Etsy shop. Loving the show so much right now!

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