Friday, May 4, 2012

Clashing Swords Mini Comic Give Away!

Hello everyone! I've been working away at this mini comic for about two months total, and today my precious creation is finally complete! This is an eight page story about a group of fantasy adventurers who are seeking a mad mage who has stolen a magical item that could unbalance the forces of good and evil! The story is very all ages, though I feel old school roleplayers will especially get a kick out of this book.

Well, I've got something very special for you! Tomorrow, in honor of Free Comic Book Day (May 5th, 2012), I am going to give away free copies of my comic to the first ten who email me first for the offer! My email is jesse.acosta AT This is totally free, I have stamps, and packages ready to go. If you are one of the first ten, I'll ask for your address, and send it out Monday morning.

Here are some preview pics below!

The cover! 

A pile of my books, waiting to be read!

Page One

For those not quick enough for this offer, my book will be available in my Etsy Shop by Monday. Excelsior!

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