Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Final Painting and more

Alright, so I'm finally getting back to more regular blog. First up, this weekend I finished my final painting for my Acrylic class:

click this to see the full image

That was the biggest painting I think I have done yet, 32x34 on canvas. It took FOREVER as well, I thought I was going to go mad and start drinking turpentine like Van Gogh half way through. It was worth the effort though, I learned a lot on while working on this project.
Actually, I think I learned a lot from the class in general. I'll be trying to take another painting class Spring Quarter.

Moving on, I'm still working on the big project for RetrowareTV, now that school is done I can focus more on their project. The first illustration is potentially done, I sent it back to them to go through the final gauntlet and see what they think of it. I'll be doing at least three initial illustrations for them, and potential future projects as well. When I get the thumbs up for completion of the first illustration, Ill post both the final product and the preliminary sketches for the second illustration.

Lastly, I've been very poor the last few months, so I’m not attending Winter Quarter. It’s not too bad, I hate driving in the snow, and I haven't switched departments yet, and attending school and working night is not a nice combination. So, I am basically limited on the gift giving this year. My mom suggests I do some artwork as gifts. She has no idea how long that would take, and secondly I do not give away art unless I'm 150% confident that the recipient will be happy with it and display it. As for my nieces, they want Xboxes, computers, iPods, and anything else their wildly expensive brains can come up with. About every year when I do buy them a Christmas gift, it’s never expensive enough for them anyway and they toss it in the corner and forget it. I specifically remember one of my nieces shrugging off one gift and tossing it behind her last year to tear open a much bigger gift. I will not paint something for someone to toss away and forget.

Anyway, I don't stand on a soapbox and bitch about gifts, so I'm wrapping this blog entry up.

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