Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas, Doctor Who, Music

A quick blog just wanted to write out a few quick thoughts on the last two days while it’s still fresh in mind:

Christmas was nice and quiet this year. Unfortunately for me, I've not been able to sleep well; some days off I can't shake my graveyard sleep cycle. So, I've been up, listening to BBC Radio 1, and downloading the newest episode of Doctor Who. It’s weird to listen to an alive and awake community, while I'm on the other end of the earth awake amongst the sleepy United States. It’s nice to actually listen to things like the Chris Moyle Show live, even though it’s about 10:30pm here when he starts at 6:30am in the UK!

As for Doctor Who, I've been waiting in anticipation for some time now for the Christmas Special to kick off the new season. If any one show ever has gripped me in excitement and longing for more, it’s definitely Doctor Who. I'm surprised I have been so hooked; I usually don't get too into sci-fi shows. But this one is different, probably because it doesn't get too deep into 'fake tech' like Star Trek will gab about, or 'fake politics' that plagued the Star Wars movies. Doctor Who is silly, serious, has a history, and has an amazing cast, and is just simply enjoyable

Lastly, at my friend Aaron's, I taught his ten year old brother how to play the Star Wars theme on piano. I stopped by Christmas Eve, chatted with their family, helped wrap gifts, and played a couple Christmas songs on piano. I'm no piano player, so it was all by ear, which was fun to pick out the tunes. Well Aaron's brother, Mac, had a Star Wars game we were playing, so the tune was in my head, so I played it on piano. It piqued Mac's interest, so I sat him down on the piano bench and started teaching him the song. First I showed him how the piano is divided into octaves, and then I showed him how to find C. Once we accomplished that, I taught him the Star Wars song using intervals. 1 5 4 3 2 8 5 4 3 2 8 5 4 3 4 2 is how it goes. I figured intervals would be easier for him, since we could just count from C rather than messing with a letter scale that start at C, move up to G, then start over again which is just cumbersome to explain on lesson one. Anyway, with in a half hour lesson, he was able to find C across the piano, and play the tune without even having to look at the notes I wrote down for him just in case he forgot! I felt pretty proud to be able to tame this usually rambunctious child and teach him a song on the piano.

So, that's all for now in my world. I have New Years off as well, that will be nice! I don't have any plans yet, but it’s just nice to stay at home rather than being cooped up in a hospital through the night. Also, my birthday will be rolling around the corner shortly, January 27th to be precise! I'm getting over that 25 hump, I feel slightly overwhelmed and haunted by the number 26. We'll see how that feeling progresses.

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