Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Movies about Art, not Art Movies

I rented the Thomas Crown Affair today, I wanted to watch a film about art and its really the only one I know of. There has to be more, so if anyone knows, please let me know!

While watching it today, I started painting a friend's family crest. He found a small image online last night to work from, so with that I hopped to it and starting work. My version is 18"x24", pretty respectable size. While painting it, I started to think about how much people would be willing to spend for a large personally painted family crest. I see shitty 'abstract art' all over town that sells for ridiculous amounts of money. Just recently I saw an 8"x8" painting trying to be sold for $250. I spoke with a friend about the thought of doing these family crests for a side job, and how much they could run. I'm thinking I could easily sell them for $500, especially if someone could buy 8" x 8" of acrylic vomit for $250. If I did 4 crests a month, I'd be making more from the paintings than I do from working. That's actually a scary and lucrative thought that I might just need to keep investigating. If I switched to part time at work merely for benefits, then painted 3 of these a month, I could really start getting a name for myself. I was even thinking, if I worked my ass off three days a week painting, I could get 5 maybe more done a month, and run the business online. I'm thinking out loud at this point, but its extremely tempting. I think I might try to do a couple more crests, and then have them with the rest of my work at ArtFest this year. There isn't better exposure than that, all walks of life show up for ArtFest every year in town, and a lot of those individuals are looking for art to decorate their homes.

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