Saturday, November 17, 2007


I wanted to share some photos of my paintings I have done for my Acrylic Painting class so far. Unfortunately by the time I woke up, it was already dark (No, I'm not lazy, I just work all gravyard), so the photos are slightly off color. I'll redo these photos probably tomorrow on my day off:

This was our first painting assignment, the technique used is called 'glazing'. Basically you work up a black and white image of your piece, then you water down your color acrylics and 'stain' the black and white image with many layers to bring out beautiful and vibrant colors. I'll be using this technique on my final project.

This assignment was our chance to mimic a painter's style and painting, but we had to introduce our shoe into the subject matter. I decided to try Roy Lichtenstein. He was a part of the pop art movement, and painted comic book panels on large scale canvases in oil. It is actually quite harder than it looks to replicate, especially the lettering.

Besides school paintings, I have a couple I'm working on for myself:

Some of you might remember this piece from older Myspace blogs. I finally pulled it out from the pile of unfinished pieces and started working on it again. I'm like 99% done, so I'm pretty happy about that. I actually want to do several of these with different cartoony characters fighting, pirates, robots, boxers, lucha libre, etc.

Lastly, this is a project I'll be doing two of, one with a red color scheme, another in blue. Its of mountains and a Japanese Tori gate.

I'm also working on my final project at the moment, but I want to keep that under wraps until its complete. It will be the largest painting I have ever done.

P.S. - I think everyone should try Apple Jelly, its great stuff on toast in the morning. I never had it before, so when I went shopping for some breakfast goodies, I just had to pick it up.


  1. You think apple jelly is good, you should really try apple butter. It doesn't really resemble butter at all and is more like a cross between apple sauce and apple jelly as is really fricken' good.

  2. I like your abstract painting, we need to hire you to paint something for our naked walls!