Monday, March 25, 2013

Painting Process: Princess Peach

Hello everyone! I just wanted to share my photo progression of Princess Peach to you all. I took these photos because I was working with a client on the other side of the state, she prepaid, so I wanted too keep her up to date on my progress.

This project took two weeks, and it went fairly well. The worst part was blending the skin time for some reason. She also owns my Mario portrait, she bought it at Emerald City Comicon four weeks back In Seattle.

Here's the original Mario, done in a classic animate style:

My concept art for the matching Princess Peach:

Prussian Blue background. I do this first just because it makes me feel like I'm already half done.

Started the crown and body:

While I coated over the eyes to try to get an even blended skin tone:

Small details and cleanup:

I didn't like the pinkish skin, so I redid it.


Now it's time for a new commission! I'm always available, feel free to contact me on prices!

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