Sunday, October 21, 2012

24 Hour Comics Day

I was invited the night before to attend a 24 Hour Comics Day at Adventures Underground in Richland, WA yesterday. Unfortunately it was too last minute for me to stick around the whole time, but I did stay about three hours. I met some nice people, and that was my main goal. One girl had a really great cartoony/video game style that reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog or Pokemon. I didn’t catch her name though, so fail on my part. I also met J James McFarland who I actually went to high school with. Bizarre, because we both moved away from the second largest city in Washington State to the Tri Cities, which is quite smaller and more rural. Since I didn’t plan on doing a 24Hr comic, I figured I’d play with an eight page mini comic I’ve wanted to do for a long time about the fairy tale, “The Cobble & The Elves.” I drew three pages while I was there, but this was the only one I completed. I’m also thinking if I keep it, I’ll redo panel one. I was really going for a silly cartoon style with sloppy inks. I was pretty pleased with showing without words that the cobbler was working through the night with the burning candle. Not sure when I’ll hop back on this project, but here’s a good start.

Here's also a sketch I did a month ago, kept forgetting to scan it.

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