Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lion-O of Thundercats

On Sunday, I spent the evening at Starbucks sipping an expensive chai and drawing Lion-O from Thundercats:

5"x7" bristol board, pencils and prismacolor pens (Not favoring them much anymore. They aren't as black and bold as I'd prefer).

Afterward, I wanted to color this guy up in Photoshop for the heck of it, and this was the result. The actual bristol sketch will be colored with prismacolor markers and colored pencils. I've been reading about people mixing the two mediums and making amazing results. The final piece will pop up in my Etsy Shop. If you are interested in a commission, let me know! I'm willing to do something like this, or anything else you'd have in mind!

This also leads me into my next point of interest. I have applied for an artist table at Emerald City Comicon again! I haven't been in nearly three years. It's March 1-3, so I have plenty of time to save for the event. This is why I am promoting commissioned work right now. Everything is being packed away for the trek to ECCC in Seattle. So, if you want some art, I can hook you up!


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