Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spokane ComiCon 2011

So Saturday May 21st, instead of being raptured away, I ended up wheeling and dealing my comics and art at the Spokane ComiCon at Spokane Community College. There were 1,300 attendees this year, a really great turn out! I sold a ton of prints, sketch cards, and original art. I was pretty happy overall! Next year I'll be running a bar from the poles, instead of cord. I didn't like how low the cord hung, it made it slightly hard to talk to tall attendees. I'm also planning on building a wall behind to hang paintings and a banner.

Here's my small collection of photos, I'll be posting more when I get a chance to steal some from others :) I didn't have much of a chance to photograph, as I was glued to my table.
This was a better pose, but we forgot flash!

This is me (left), and my buddy Amanda Robinson to the right.

My girlfriend, Veronica, to the left.
Lantern Corp!

I think I'm drawing Jasmin here

These are my buddies at The Comic Smith's Guild. I'm a member, but I sat across.

Lars Brown, of North World, sitting to the west...

Pink Lord Vader

My favorite costumes of the day, Blue Beetle and Booster Gold!

A very sweaty Beast, Mystique, and Dark Phoenix

Tuskin Raider
Apparently a team of DeLoreans were needed to stop the Rapture

My best friend, Aaron, decided to show up at the end!
 Butt Hurt Space Marine. He loaned the suit to the
owner of Merlyn's Comics and Games, then was super butt-hurt
over the owner getting attention.

Why do we wonder about Wonder Woman? Because we think she is a Wonder Man...

The Gotham Sirens

 Matt Nelson of the Comic Smiths' Guild

 Scarecrow, apparently throwing gang signs he learned in prison.

Spokane Ghostbusters
Is that Princes Leia underneath?

I did a doodle of Bruce Lee, munny style!

I also did a munny style Iron Fist
Jasmin, my favorite of the Disney princesses.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your Brain on Latino Comics

So, recently I found out about two things:
1) Your Brain on Latino Comics by Frederick Luis Aldama
2) Latino Comics Expo 2011 in San Francisco, CA May 7th-8th

Your Brain on Latino Comics has sort of became my new little bible. It's packed full of info regarding traditional comics and comic strips regarding the Latino community. It's so funny to be flipping through this book as well, and to have spoken to so many of these creators online. I'm in love with this book, and I think it's well worth checking out!

341 pages! ISBN: 978-0-292-71973-6

Then we have the Latino Comics Expo. This happened over Mothers' Day weekend. Sadly I don't live near SF, so I wasn't able to attend. But now that it is on my radar (This was actually the first year for the event), I will have to keep it in mind for the future. So many people attending that I'd love to meet, it really sounded like the place to be for me. Not sure if they are giving out booths like a typical con, but it's also something I'd like to get involved with too.

Speaking of cons, I'll be at the Spokane ComiCon 2011, which will start at 10am at Spokane Falls Community College. I've been getting everything ready. This will be my third year at this convention, and each year my booth gets more elaborate, and I get just a little more prepared. I hope to see some of you this Saturday!

Preparing for Spokane ComiCon

So today I'm packing whatever I can in some tubs, and double checking everything for the con. It's a real stress, but it's also so much fun. I'm pretty proud this year because I'll have a really nice display for my art, I'll have my ipad for art references, plus I'll be using my iPad with the Square App to accept major credit cards. This will probably be the most professional my booth will look yet!

I'm also beating myself up over not finishing The Heidegger Experiment mini comic. I'll just have to suck it up and finish that and more next time. Every year I'm learning more, and expanding more. It's really great.

One last note, I also made sure to pack something I think every artist with a booth should have:  a dispenser of hand sanitizer. Have it available for attendees, and use it yourself. I shake a lot of people's hands, touch people's belongings, they touch my stuff, etc.

Yo Gabba Gabba print designs

I just finished these up to display at the Spokane ComiCon this Saturday. I'm pretty stoked about them, they were fun to make!

My girlfriend's nephew loves this show, and it's not hard to see why. It's creative, it's silly, it makes you laugh and dance. I'm glad not everything for kids these days is either junk flash style animations or Sponge Bob.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kettle Brand TIAS

I just saw at my local Yokes Fresh Market that there is a new brand of Kettle chips called Tias:

I'm curious, are these chips made from real or artificial tías? Where are they getting their tías? It looks like their headquarters are located in Salem, Oregon; perhaps I should check Salem local papers for an unusually high report of missing tías?

All joking aside, I really think their marketing and branding team dropped the ball on this one. Nobody who speaks Spanish wants to eat an aunt flavored chip...