Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ultron colored in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on iPad

This is my first attempt at doing anything real on my new iPad. I colored this during my breaks at work today, about 40 minutes worth of work. I drew this Ultron sketch yesterday and scanned it in, then uploaded it to iPad where I used Autodesk Sketchbook Pro on the iPad to color.

I used an iFaraday stylus to draw with, I find it more accurate than my fingers. I heard in a Youtube video about Sketchbook Pro that the iFaraday is much better than other stylus that works for iPad. Autodesk Sketchbook pro is essentially a super light Photoshop. I can do layers with minimal blending modes, and several different kinds of brushes.

When I did this, it was originally just to play around with. I uploaded a low-res image of Ultron, and when I started getting into it, I was too involved to stop. I wanted to redraw him with better line art and on a higher resolution, but oh well. Next time I'll have to try working with a 150 or 300 dpi illustration and see how it handles it.

Is anyone else drawing on their iPad on DeviantArt? I haven't really sought it out yet, I hope so, I'm just going by my intuition from previous use with other graphics programs, so I'm kind of guessing how to do things. Maybe I should read a manual too, but that's the irrational man in me lol.

Does anyone want a tutorial in Sketchbook Pro for iPad? Does anyone think there is a better app than this for digitally illustrating on the iPad?

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