Friday, September 24, 2010

Thundarr, Pirates of Dark Water, more!

Looks like WB is going through their vault and releasing various "WB Archive" order-on-demand dvds from their wbshop site. Pirates of Dark Water came out a couple weeks ago, and Thundarr The Barbarian comes out Sept 28th. Others being released include Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space.

I'm pretty stoked, I already have Pirates of Dark Water and will be ordering Thundarr next month. A few sad things about these WB Archive releases: 1) They are DVDR, not pressed dics. Older dvd players have trouble with DVDR discs. 2nd, there are no extras, remastered material, commentary, etc. The dvds are barebones and the menu that pops up is a generic "WB Archives" menu that asks if you wish to watch all the episodes or episode selection.

While I would have gladly waited another year, and an extra $10 to cover the costs of making these dvd sets more glamorous, I'm still very happy that they are available finally. Also slightly sad to watch all of the Pirates of Dark Water, only to get to episode 22 and the abrupt ending due to the cancellation during it's original air date. I remember being upset as a kid because it was quite a bit better story than other shows at the time. Unlike other tv shows from my youth like Masters of the Universe and Thundercats, Pirates actually holds up really well when watching it as an adult.

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