Sunday, May 3, 2009

Free Comic Book Day - Free Sketches for Kiddies

So this year we set up a table at the local shop Merlyns for Free Comic Book Day, and made free sketches for the kiddies! We were there from 11 - 2 I believe. It was so much fun. It really pushed me outside the box to draw stuff I'm not used to drawing. I was actually in shock because all the kids either wanted Star Wars or Halo (Master Chief) sketches. Only a couple comic book characters!

I made a list of all that I drew for the event,

Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Master Chief, Yoda, Bobba Fett, Clone Trooper, Mario, Wolverine, Flash, and Harley Quinn. I may have been missing one or two from this list, we all did a couple repeat characters. Master Chief, Bobba(or Janga) Fett, and Yoda were real popular. The guys in suits look a lot alike as well, its was getting tedious. At one point I couldnt remember who I was drawing for a minute! It was a clone trooper, I had to look at the helmet!

My favorite one was probably Mario because the girl was interested in my art supplies, its really cool that others are interested in drawing too. I also drew Mario from memory, which was scary! I know what he looks like, but it would have been nice for a reference just in case.

Here are some of the other fellow artists who made FCBD at Merlyns a success with free kids sketches:
:iconlarsony: :iconleviske: :iconmattwnelson: :iconninjian: :iconpiotrov:

One of my sketches from the event:

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