Monday, November 3, 2008

Daily Sketch Catchup!!

First off, I'm writing a bunch of ideas I've had for comics down into some books, and breaking them down into lengths to see what would be a quick one shot comic, or a short run, or something ongoing to kind of guage what I should be doing. I kind of want to print a book similar to my last comic, but with 48 pages or so, with a couple stories in it... I'll be working on that for the time being.

I've been drawing almost every evening, but I don't keep up with scanning as often as I should. Here's a few:

Francisco Valerio, from my 24 Hour Comic... I might actually finish a couple comics with him, people seem to respond to it.

Francisco is a little to strong, beefy, gallant, and confident here. It reminds me of Flash Gordon, and I want Francisco to be a little more lost and apprehensive.

Francisco Valerio running from a moon Zombie.

sketch from last night...

Doctor with a reanimator lab coat...

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