Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Daily Sketches 7/27/09

Trying to keep up with my daily sketches, I scanned these in this morning. Random doodles while watching tv:

I have a fairy tale that maybe I'd like to illustrate, its very hard to draw several different looking wizards. I think I may have to dress them in different cultural clothing, maybe make one rotund, another spindly thin, etc.

A robot. I don't like the hand, but the rest is okay. I'm not big on drawing robots, mainly because I'm not good at coming up with gears and mechanism stuff to get it to look robotic.

I'm thinking of drawing a whole bunch during the week, then on the weekend scanning a once a week post with all the daily sketches for the week. It might be easier for me to do than just drawing, scanning, updating the blog, etc.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Daily Sketch

I am alive an well, those of you who are my friends on Myspace, Facebook, and the real world know this. I just don't scan much, I'm working on some stuff and I'd prefer to post the final product.

Here's a sketch though, did last week while watching Avatar The Last Airbender:

It took about 5 tries to actually get a decent sketch of my favorite hero, Zorro. Copic brush pens and Faber-Castell multiliners.

I should be updating soon, I'm working on a couple paintings and a comic, so more artwork is in the works. I'll try to keep my daily sketch more regular as well.